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is it possible to disable check in and check out feature at all?

I have disabled it on document library and also at site collection level, but still have to check out and check in document.

Even with document library that doesnt need to add additional meta data.



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Have you verified the "Required checkout" setting is not configured in the library?
Agreed. It's under the library settings > Versioning Settings. At the bottom is a toggle for Require Check Out. Cheers!
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but as mentioned it was already not enable at both doc library level and top level site settings.

Seems like the issue was because we had a coloumn( not required) added to the library.

Once this coloumn was removed no check in/out was required. I find it strange that just adding extra coloumn will cause check in/out to be mandatory.

That sounds like something else is wrong. What is the file type? what browsers? what version of Office?

We had the same problem.


Microsoft tried to tell us it was because of a required field, but we proved them wrong. It turned out to be that the size of the file was large. 


We were uploading small .rar files and they uploaded without automatically being checked out, but when we uploaded a large .rar file it was automatically checked out.


This was with the modern sharepoint.

That sounds familiar to me... The concept at least.

Just like what happens in buffer-overflow - exceeding array bounds

In my case, the problem was that the Document content type (default) somehow had a required site column associated with it at the library level and, although I was selecting a different content type when uploading, my file would upload as "Checked Out". I removed the offending site column that was associated with the Document content type and that corrected the problem.

Having the same issue - tried following your instructions but don't see the Column you mention. Any further advice? Would really appreciate it!

Also the same issue here, don't see any extra colums as mentioned. Any advice is welcome