SharePoint Online: Collapsible sections on modern pages


Finally!! Much awaited feature - collapsible sections on #SharePoint modern pages will be released soon

  • Collapsible/expandable sections on modern pages
  • Show sections in an accordion view or as tabs (future release)
  • Roll out begins in early July

More details at: SharePoint: Collapsible sections on modern pages 


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@Stewart Foss  I have the same problem. Interestingly, any section that I added previously with a divider line won't let me turn the line off. Any new sections won't let me turn the divider line on. Certainly hope this is fixed by "late September." I won't bother checking it until the third week in October.

Can anyone confirm if the standard release for Collapsible sections has been extended again? It was supposed to be released by end of last month. It is currently not showing for standard release so far.

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@mayur1719 Yes, rollout date for standard release is extended & Microsoft expects they will complete the rollout of the feature by the end of October 2021. 


Check full details/update at the end this blog post: SharePoint: Collapsible sections on modern pages 

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Below is from the Microsoft 365 Message Center.

MC266077 • Last updated Sep 30, 2021

Updated September 30, 2021: As shared previously, the new Collapsible Sections was deployed to 100% of Targeted Release customers. We held the solution at the Targeted Release phase while we addressed some issues that were reported with the solution. The issues have now been addressed and we will be resuming the global rollout to all customers. It is now our expectation that we’ll complete the rollout of the feature by the end of October 2021. Thank you for your patience.
Thanks for the update. I'll check it mid-November.


Has anyone else noted any problem loading these collapsible sections on MacOS Big Sur--all browsers? 

  • Functionality works on Windows and MacOS Catalina, both Safari and Chrome.
  • Not working on multiple machines with MacOS Big Sur, NEITHER Chrome NOR Safari. In these environments, the collapsible sections and it's content is just absent. 

Makes this a challenge to develop with collapsible elements.

Is this an issue on anyone's list??

@MEPinformatics I am using Windows. So, I haven't checked collapsible sections on MacOS.

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Functionality is not stable. Once a section is created and set to be collapsed by default, one can no longer access the edit mode of the section and /or webpart. It will expand in published state but cannot be edited any longer. Tested in Edge and Chrome.

@VictaulicKatK I too faced this intermittent issue on my tenant. Clicking multiple times (fast) on collapse/expand icon worked for me though (sounds silly but it worked!).


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I misdiagnosed the problem. It was not due to the OS. Caused by “targeted release features” only toggled on for me, yet not toggled on for my team. My team all with Big Sur MacBook Pros, but I run both a Catalina MacBook Pro and Windows 10 PC at the moment—so this became confounding as we debugged.

@MEPinformatics Ah, got it. Others users has to wait until the standard release (GA) of this feature or you have to enable the targeted release for other users as well.

Check this documentation for more information about release options: Set up the Standard or Targeted release options 

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Any updates on when this will released to all users?  Was july then september, then october but still not available to all users yet at my company.   

This seems to be working now, though I can't say absolutely that all of my 300 users can see it. I've tested with a handful of users in various departments. We might be close!
So Collapsible sections have been changed this week so the heading of one now shows as a top level heading only (previously they were out of the headings structure). Anyone know if this was a mistake or if there are plans to allow choice? Pretty unuseable if only top level heading is allowed.
we just seen this as well today. What in the world is going on? Hope this is not permanent because this looks terrible now.

Hello, I finally saw this feature being available on our end, but it was rather disappointing to find out that it is broken. When I choose 'Left' for the collapsable icon position, it appears on the top of the heading text. When I choose 'Right' for it, it appears on the bottom of the heading text... Does anyone see this? What is going on?

@Rie0205 Yes, we're seeing it to. It looks absolutely horrid!

We noticed yesterday that all of a sudden the headings of all the collapsible sections are now HUGE, with no option to size them down. It's looks terrible. I really hope it doesn't stay that way. It would be great if we could choose the heading style/size.

@richardmeehan @rnelson25 @Rie0205 @jecradk @AGoneau 


I have observed font changes as well & unfortunately there are no settings to control font size from section settings. But, arrow is on same line as headings for me.


I think this is a bug in recent release from Microsoft & it will be fixed in upcoming releases.


You can try raising support ticket with Microsoft & suggest to make it as it was before. Hope Microsoft will fix this in next updates.

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Strange. Our arrows are above the headings and our font is much bigger than what you are showing. hoping the get it worked out.