SharePoint menus suddenly not changing language for users

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Hi All,


Wondering if others are experiencing this over the past few days.  We have multilingual navigation menus (Hub and Site) in SharePoint Online (French and English).  Users have been able to go into their browser settings, change language from French to English and the navigation menus change accordingly.  (and yes, clear browsing data to see the change in the hub menu).


Now many users cannot change navigation language.  They go into browser settings change the language with zero effect.  Even the white base SharePoint page menu (New, Send To, Translation, Page Details etc) isn't changing.   But it still works for some users.   Really frustrating...but just wondering if anyone else has seen this behaviour?




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SharePoint follows the browser language only if the Office 365 profile language has not been set. Several things can set this language. You can change it directly using Delve, or indirectly by setting a new language in your Microsoft 365 account settings or by changing it in AAD. To set it directly, go to your personal menu, click on My Microsoft 365 Profile
Click on Update Profile under your name
Scroll down to "How can I change language and regional settings?" and click on it
Click on the word "here"
click on the ellipsis (...) and then choose Language and Region
Under Language/Language Preference/My Display Languages, delete the current language
Click on Pick a new language and select the new language
Click on Add
Scroll to the bottom, and click "Save all and close"

If you are using out of the box SharePoint, then the setting will take a few minutes to a few hours to propagate to all SharePoint sites.
Hey Martin, hope all is well with you!

Thanks for this guidance. It seems to have done the trick. MS sure has a way to complicate the hell out of languages.

Thanks again for your help!