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Hello Sharepoint users


I have northwind access database, there is customer list inside, when i export it to sharepoint, it becomes of type "contact list", but i want it to export as regular list, as contact list cannot be used in my power apps, any idea on how to do that? i am doing it first exporting to excel then inside sharepoint creating list from excel, but in this case relations i think are gone, plus it takes more time

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Hi, chahineatallah
To export your Northwind Access database customer list as a regular list in SharePoint:
1- Open the customer list in Access.
2- Choose "Export" > "SharePoint List."
3- Provide the SharePoint site URL and list name.
4- Complete the export process.

This method directly exports the list without going through Excel, preserving relations and saving time. Use the regular list in Power Apps without limitations. Contact SharePoint support if needed.