SharePoint List - View Permissions [Assistance Needed]

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I'm trying to limit who has access to a certain view of my list. 


I currently have 2 views:

1) All Staff View

2) Software Team View Only


The software team view has additional columns that the all staff view doesn't. When I add a staff member which isn't a part of the software team, I only want them to have access to the "All Staff View". 


Currently when I share the list with an all staff member, they can view and edit both list views. 


How do I set permissions so that certain individuals may only see and edit the "All Staff View"?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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@Jakub_Wolak In Modern SharePoint, permissions cannot be setup at view level. 

If you are using classic SharePoint site/list, check this video

@Jakub_Wolak You cannot control the rights on the information by setting rights on a view. You set rights on the information itself (a document library or list, or (in the worst case) on individual items. If the rights themselves are not the important thing here, you could perhaps use an "Audience Targeting". It is then important to know so that with this solution you do not control any rights, but you can display relevant information for the respective audience. Read more here: Use the Highlighted content web part (