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I have a client who has asked if a SharePoint list could be filtered by a persons permissions group?


They have several locations which each have a user rights group to the SharePoint list, for example: 


Head Office (List Owners)

London (View only)

Midlands (View only)

North (View only) 

South (View only)


They have a list with information which they want to limit the items viewable to users in London to only those with the value London in the location column, Midlands to Midlands, North to North etc and Head office all items.


Is there a way to achieve this OFTB with SharePoint?


Any help with this would be most appreciated.


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You can't filter the list view based on user permissions. If user have read permissions on all items in list then they will be able to see all items.


If you want to hide the items from other users then you can create item level permissions and assign only those permissions which are required based on location. This way users can only see the items on which they have permissions. No need to use any view filtering in this case.


ReferenceHow to enable Item Level Permissions in SharePoint 

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Unfortunately SharePoint does not support permissions at the view level, so no way to my knowledge to achieve this with out of the box features



That is very easy to achieve. You already have the locations information in some column. 

So, what you can do is that you can

1: Go to list settings.

2: Scroll down and click on create new view. You will create separate view for each of your location.

3: Then in every view you have to mention the filter. In filter you will choose Location in the column and in the value, you will write the appropriate value like London, USA etc. 

4: Then you can give separate view link to your clients based in the separate locations.