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I am creating views for a SharePoint List.  I would like the new view I recently created to be the 'default' view for my audience.  Unfortunately, the option to select the view to be the 'default' is missing when I go to the Edit View Settings.


Also, I'm encountering this error: 'Something went wrong Exception from HRESULT0x80131904' when I try to access the SharePoint List.


I'm a listed as an 'Owner' of the Share Point Group where I saved the SharePoint list.


Hoping for your assistance.




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Option 1: Where are you making these changes?  If you're making and editing them in the modern view, select the view you want as default on the top right hand side of the list where the filter options are.  At the bottom of this drop down once all the views have been listed are three options.  One of these is "Set Current View as Default", which should work


Option 2: In the root list use Cog --> List Settings.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select then edit the list there to make it the default.


Option 3: Ensure that you've not made a personal view.  I don't believe you can set a personal view as a communal default public one.

@Steven Andrews thank you for the immediate response.


Option 1:  "Set Current View as Default" is not available


Option 2: "Set Current View as Default" is not available


Option 3: How would I know if I've set it to Personal View?


Really appreciate your help.




I have same issue.
The instructions Microsoft provide clearly states that when you select "edit current view", there should be a check box for "set current view as default view". But this check box doesn't exist....???