SharePoint library sync with B2B guest account

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I have been trying without great luck to sign in Microsoft OneDrive and sync Sharepoint folder with an invited guest gmail account. I can sign in with the gmail account online but when I sync a document library to OneDrive, it is requesting a work/school account.

Isn't B2B designed to allow this as per link:

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Hi, I am pretty sure the B2B OneDrive sync feature isn't supported for other than Microsoft 365 work or school account (Azure AD).
Seems we can but I can't seem to add User Profiles in Sharepoint?
The permissions set are for Everyone except external users.
How can we change this?
When I search for a particular guest registered in AAD, it does not find it even for regular M365 accounts?
I don't really get what you'd like to do, as what you linked in your first post is about AADB2B ODFB/SPO integration making it simpler and more secure with all guests being added to the directory.

When it comes to guest users and B2B SYNC though these are the prerequisites

Sorry for that confusion as am reading some articles that say we can and some we can't.
But it seems like you are right as from another similar link

B2B Sync - OneDrive | Microsoft Docs


Someone forwarded me this link saying it works but now that I read it again, I missed that point where it says quoted below:

B2B sync works only when guest accounts are created in the organization, and when the recipient has an Azure AD account.


Basically, I want to allow guests users able to use the Sharepoint Document Library. 

They can go to the web link but they need to download/upload files each time they want to work on something which is cumbersome.


Any other method to achieve this please?