SharePoint external sharing doesn't work for new users

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I'm currently facing a problem with external sharing.

It works for existing guests but not for new guests anymore. It used to work until last week from what I know.

Whatever settings in the sharing policies, I always have this message:


Here are my current sharing settings. We set it to "anyone with the link" with the Microsoft Support but still not working:



I tried everything. It looks like there is something down because it used to work and we made no change.

I think it will require some PowerShell since we can't rely on the interface...

Thank you.

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What external settings do you have on that particular SharePoint site? Just for completeness.

Hello @Andrew Hodges 
Here are the site settings. We have tried "reset to organization-level" with no luck:


If I grant access from the library settings, this is what the external user gets when he clicks the invitation. He is required to create a Microsoft account:



Hi Nabil450,

Can you check the "Members Can Share" feature for this site? The share dialog is showing that you don't have permission to share the item (hence you are requesting to share). This occurs when you have view permission or when the Members Can Share feature is disabled (you will need to be a site admin and open up the site permissions pane). Hope that helps!

Stephen Rice
Senior Program Manager, OneDrive