SharePoint Events web part will display event images


Microsoft is adding a new feature for Events web part in SharePoint online. After the feature release, the Events web part on SharePoint modern pages and news posts will have an option in property pane to show images.




When the option is on, each Event shown in the web part will display the image used in the title area of the Event page. For more information check below article:


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@ganeshsanap Display event image is not available in my property pane.

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@ranjeetraj198 This feature is still rolling out & not completely released to all tenants yet. You have to wait until it shows up on your tenant.


Which tenant release are you using Standard or Targeted release tenant?

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Not sure if this is by design, but I notice that users that only have 'view' access to a SharePoint site collection do not see the thumbnail image of each event in the events web part. I have 'Show event images' turned on in the events web part, and generally use images from the 'Stock images' library, and, as the site owner, the web part looks great for me, but 'visitors' do not see the images in the web part. If they go through to the event itself, they can see the title area image, so I don't believe it is a permissions issue. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this behaviour.

Yes, same here. Read only users don't see thumbnails in web part with the option to see them turned on. The entire chunk of html with the background image src is missing:
<div class="ms-Stack ms-CardSection aj_c_ce1e465e css-191" data-automation-id="compact-card-preview"><div class="af_c_ce1e465e ae_c_ce1e465e ao_c_ce1e465e"><span class="ap_c_ce1e465e css-192">JUL</span><span class="aq_c_ce1e465e css-192">28</span></div></div>
Where do we report this obvious bug to get it fixed?

@matt howell @JoeFox I can see the thumbnail images in events web part for users with Read only permissions without any issue:



1. Did you use the stock images or you uploaded the images from your computer?

2. Are you seeing this behavior on targeted release tenant or standard release tenant?

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Good question - some users are on targeted since this doesn't seem related to permissions, that's a likely reason. I'll test it out later. Thanks!
I made a test user not on targeted release an editor and the user doesn't see the option to turn on images in the web part properties so the feature is still rolling out. It would be nice if Msft could be more precise about timing on new features.

I tried to insert a link to profile photo at this field, but photo doesn't appears on the event page, only on the thumbnails
For some reason, after going to the event page, it removes the email from the URL. All that remains is Screenshot_633.png