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I have a SharePoint site that I use for our company's upcoming events. I've added the events web part to the homepage which is successful in pulling though the next few events that are happening.  However when you click see all (link top right of the web part) it defaults to show only 1 month of events and the user has to manually change the date range to include the whole year to see everything. Is there a way to change the default view so that the whole year or 18 moths ahead is shown?


Note the default view for the web part is cards (which is fine) but as we only have a few events a month it looks like that's all there is, when in reality there might be 50 events a year. 


I've changed the view successfully for lists but I cant figure out how this translates to the web part.  and id like to use the web part as I like that i can pull the next few through to the home page and also that the user can add to their calendar direct from the card. 


Any help appreciated, this seems so simple but its driving me mad trying to figure out how to do it! 


Thanks, LA


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I also have this question.
As a simple workaround, you could always add a quick link above or below it the web part with a modified URL from 'Events.aspx', like this (you will need to open your own 'See all' to get the guid): Events.aspx?ListGuid=d7b38921-3n2s-4420-bf3f-560cd9cee259&Category=&StartDate=2023-01-01&EndDate=2023-12-17&AudienceTarget=false
Thanks Andrew, I had put the link as you suggested in a QR code last week, but there is always one person who asks, why must I type such a long web address....
Hi, they shouldn't have to type in a long address, just click the link? Maybe I'm missing something.




I was having the same issue but resolved as follows.  Hope this helps.

Click Edit on your homepage and then Edit in the Events section.  The Events panel should open on the right hand side.  From there change the Date range to 'Select date range' and modify the From and To accordingly.