SharePoint Document Library built on XML form Library

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  1. My InfoPath form is built on SharePoint XML Form Library.
  2. My records which are XML files have data in them.
  3. I updated design of InfoPath from and added new fields.
  4. I deployed this .xsn file to different existing SharePoint XML Form Library so both the forms have same design.
  5. After doing deployment the XML files which were in destination document library stopped showing me values in document library columns.
  6. When I open XML and close it columns are populated with values.
  7. There is large volume of records which need to be refreshed so that document library column shows values. Please advice how can I do this with some automation. Thank You.


I am attaching images to clarify my question.




1. SharePoint Document Library is built on XML Form Library


1. SP Doc Libraries Built On XML.png



2. Forms are built on InfoPath


2. Form Is Built on InfoPath.png


3. After deploying .xsn template from one document library to another, XMLs present in destination library stopped showing column values.


3. Columns Not Showing Values.png



4. When I open XML and close it values show up



4. XMLs Openend And Closed Shows Values.png


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