Sharepoint Calendar Date/Time language issue

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Hello -all,


I wondering with someone faced that issue on SharePoint before?
When I click on calendar to set a date on SharePoint, the language change by itself for a weird language as you can see in the picture attached.
Thanks All.

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Hi @jjsnow,


Are your sites "Regional Settings" set correctly?


I hope this helps.



Hi @Norman Young ,



Yes, Is set as a Gregorian




Hi @jjsnow,


Are the site columns part of an "app" either 3rd party or custom? If so, are there associated settings for the app that can be looked into?




Wondering if you ever found the root cause.  I experienced the exact same issue and found the language displayed was Czech.  I discovered disconnecting from our VPN made it go away.  However I am not certain this was the root cause since reconnecting to the VPN did not make it return.




Did you ever discover the cause of this?  We also had this happen yesterday but not to all users.  Some users had the calendar control in SharePoint Online displaying in Czech. The settings all appeared to be correct.

@jjsnow  We are also having the same issue in our environment.

It happens when using quick edit mode. Did you find a way to fix the issue ?

@Harsh0612 I am having the same issue as well.  Only occurs in quick edit mode and the language looks to be Czech. 

@Harsh0612 @jjsnow 


I think I may have corrected it.  When you go into site settings/regional settings,  I set the alternate calendar to Gregorian as well.  Seems to be working now.

Thanks, this helped me as well. I am less and less surprised by the random glitches in SharePoint.



Is this still working for you? Had a user report that the date column was in Czech again, both calendars settings are set to Gregorian.



Just checked and it looks like it's back to Czech again.  What a pain.



I am having this issue as well. Changed on its own. There are multiple lists on my subsite. The other lists does not have this problem. I have been working on a new PowerApps form for this list, not sure if this is the cause of the problem. Lists that do not have this problem use the default SharePoint form.

Yeah! Unfortunally I ran into the same problem and still don't know how to fix this. Usually when I refresh the page, once or twice, the problem is gone. But this issue is awfull for my users.  @jjsnow 



Two days after my post the language issue reverted back on its own without me doing anything. Mind you I didn't make any changes in the first place for this to happen. So I suspect it is something on the back end. Good luck.

Possibilly you did a refresh on the page, and when I do this, the issue is solved. But I also do believe the problem is in back end.  @d_acosta 

@jjsnow I submitted a ticket to Microsoft. They were able to recreate the issue on their end and have deployed a global fix to all tenants, which everyone should see by Sept. 9.

Still happening for us on the 10th of September. Random use of Czech language on the date picker in quick edit.  Both calendars set to Gregorian....

In quick edit on the Lists, it still shows in Czech on Sep 10.

@jjsnow We have the same issue here. Also problems saving multiple edits in quick edit mode on a list.