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Hi! I have problems sharing my communications site externally. I have set all the recommended settings for sharing external on both tenant and site level. But still when I choose to share it by link the option "anyone" is not available to choose.


Skärmavbild 2024-02-20 kl. 07.35.48.png


When looking at instructions, the last step (Step 3) in this help article - - is not applicable to me. The button Add members is non-existent and instead it looks like the image below.


Skärmavbild 2024-02-20 kl. 07.40.32.png


Any help on how to solve this and/or recreate step 3 with the new layout? Thanks!


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Hello @Ida_Tengroth 


try to use the classic GUI over Advanced permissoins settings:




In there you can add people and groups direct into the SharePoint permissions groups.


Best, Dave

Thanks @David Mehr! Any instructions on how to add "everyone" or activate full external sharing? 

@Ida_Tengroth You can do it using either SharePoint Online PowerShell or PnP PowerShell.


Check this SPO PowerShell command once: Set-SPOTenant


You have few parameters like below which will help you: 


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