Search not returning results

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I have been experiencing issues with the search where it was working well until a couple months ago.


Using SharePoint Online I have a document library with a lot of folders and misc other things in each folder.

Staff search the library by the name of the folder in the root directory which is the account number.


Lately most of the time it will return zero results and I cannot identify the issue, some users it works others it doesn't.

  1. I have checked permissions, identical (Owners)
  2. Search enabled on library
  3. Versioning is on but set to major versions only
  4. Site Settings > Search and Offline Availability > Indexing Site Content = Yes

I am wondering if there is any sort of setting or something that I am missing...

Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

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How many files and items are in the list? Does this happen on any other library ?
This particular document library has 10 million+ records. But I have had it happen on other lists that are far smaller (thousands) that I can look back in my notes to get any additional data if it would help.
Well that's probably your issues, the search is having issues to index the whole 10 million+ records. What you can do is create a support ticket and see if the support can see if search still is indexing
So nothing I can do on my end? Just make a ticket?
There has to be settings/options/something I can look into...
Also indexing does not happen on the Name column.
Well i would recommend splitting it up to a much smaller list, other then that not really. I'm guessing you've pressed reindex button on the library a couple of times so you have a couple of index jobs going and that's causing some issues.

I recommend reading this:
I have not pressed the reindex button multiple times.
I have also gone through all of the Microsoft documentation I can find as well as many hours of Googling the issue with little to no actual answers on the issue.

The thing is supposably we can do 30 million records but we hit 10 and it stops working?
It is a plain document library with no flows or anything attached to it and doing a search for any item even if its right there at the top returns nothing...
But for someone else it works? Seems almost like a caching thing or that person is throttled atm.