Request files in SPO Document Library not available

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Is the "Request Files" feature available in a SharePoint Online document library?  When I check a folder in the document library, I don't see the Request Files option like I do in OneDrive.  I have confirmed anonymous access links are turned on in SharePoint.  I have a user telling me this feature was available before, and now its not.




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@Joe McGowan 


I am near enough certain that the request files feature has only ever been available within OneDrive.

Correct, Request Files is a OneDrive For Business Only feature for now and AFAIK, there are not plans in the short term to bring it to SPO too

I was able to verify that this option was available a few weeks ago.  They have files that were uploaded using request files, as you can see files were added by a "guest contributor" in a SharePoint document library folder, with the first and last name from the request files being added to the file name.

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Interesting. At Ignite UK in January this year, I saw this feature demonstrated but only for OneDrive thus far.  I imagine that it will find its way into SharePoint too though.  Would make sense.

@Joe McGowan 

I'm seeing this behaviour too.  Request Files option no longer available on Shared Libraries.  Was there certainly two weeks ago, last time we tested.  

@Joe McGowan 

Earlier this month I was testing File Requests within an Office 365 Group and it was working. If I go into that Group today, I no longer have the option to request files.

However, when I check the access permissions for the folder I was testing with, the file request sharing link is still there and I'm still able to use it to upload files.

I'm thinking this feature was prematurely rolled out then pulled back, or something is broken.  I have an open support ticket to try to figure this out.

Support told us that this was mistakenly deployed for SharePoint for some tenants.  I found a uservoice request, so please vote if you would like to have this feature.  Thanks!

Came across this in December 2023 looking for the same. In case anyone else finds this post the solution in my tenant was to run "Set-SPOTenant -CoreRequestFIlesLinkEnabled $True" in PowerShell as per the documentation at The Request file option is now showing in SharePoint libraries, in addition to the OneDrive option.