Rename SharePoint library used for MS Teams documents

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I created a MS Teams workspace and the corresponding SharePoint site was created automatically. All Teams documents are stored in a Documents library. Can I rename that library or it will brake the connection to MS Teams? I want to call it MS Teams Documents as I will be creating a bunch of other libraries and don't want people to get confused. Thanks!

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If you rename Teams Library in SPO Group Site it shouldn't break any connections with your files tab in MS Teams. 

SPO Admin is correct...renaming the document library will no affect the behavior of the library

@Igor Karon   In case anyone else stumbles upon this thread, I have found that if the shared documents library is renamed, the files tabs in your Teams site for all channels are no longer linked to the library. 

  1. A team member changed the default template of the shared documents library that is connected to a Team site
  2. Changing the default template in Library... Advanced Options,  actually renamed the Library URL to the name of the template. ex.. instead of the library url being it was changed to
  3. Due to this change, when clicking the files tab in any of the channels, the files menu bar was missing and the following error would appear.filesmissing.jpg
  4. It was not possible to change the default template of the library back to "Shared Documents/Forms/template.dotx"
  5. The other issue was that if users clicked the ... in the top right of the General Channel, and clicked "Open in SharePoint", they would get a 404 error in the browser because that link seems to be hard coded to /shared%20documents library which is not longer available.  I am sure there are other issues that renaming the shared documents library introduced.
  6. OpenInSharePoint.jpg
  7. To resolve the issue, another team was created and the documents were migrated to the new Team.  The users did not have a dependency on the chat history, so this would not have been a good workaround if the user would need to keep the chats in the Team