Remove bulk "._" (Mac Metadata) Files from SharePoint

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Hello all,


I am creating a SharePoint site that will serve as a backup to files for my office. The office is wholly situated on Mac OS. These files that I am adding to the SharePoint will rarely need to be accessed by my team and have already been stripped of their illegal characters. Once complete I transferred them to a Windows laptop and used the SharePoint Migration Tool to upload them to the server.


Uploading files from a Mac OS or directly through the SharePoint upload button leaves ._ metadata files that I would like to delete en mass. I would prefer to delete these from SharePoint directly and not before I make the upload however I understand if this is the only options.


Each backup is around 1Gb with 2000 files (each of which get a metadata file) so an automated or semi-automated method for this would be preferred.


I appreciate any and all help offered, let me know if any further information is needed!



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