Read only access still allows editing??

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I have a Document Library with various forms and procedures that is Read Only for all staff.


However, when someone opens a form from this library and opens, say in Word, it shows as Read Only BUT they are then able just to click Edit Document and can freely edit the form - which then saves the changes to the online master copy, meaning we lose control of the document.




How can I stop this?  I need users to be able to open and view the files but also to download if they need to fill it in. 


Permissions on the Library are set to 'Read'.

Advance Settings for Open Settings is set to 'Client Application'.

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Hi, can you check whether they are able to save the changes to the library. I hope although the Edit document is shown in the client application, they don't have access to save the document to library since they have read-only permission.
Yes I checked and any changes they make save to the library copy.



Did you ever get an answer to this? I have a document library with unique permissions yet users are still able to open documents and modify them. I've even looked at the Read permissions on the Site settings and removed the Edit option but they are still able to edit a document. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

I have same issue. If you find any solution, please let me know.