Problem with formated column "Editprops"

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I made a formatted column and added an icon (a pen) and the code for editing properties. "EditProps":

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "button",
  "customRowAction": {
    "action": "editProps"
  "attributes": {
    "class": "ms-fontColor-themePrimary ms-fontColor-themeDark--hover",
    "title": "Redigera metadata/kolumner"
  "style": {
    "border": "none",
    "font-size": "18px",
    "padding-top": "0px",
    "background-color": "transparent",
    "cursor": "pointer"
  "children": [
      "elmType": "span",
      "attributes": {
        "iconName": "Edit",
        "class": "ms-font-m"

It mostly works except for one place. Of course where I was planning on using it.
In Teams the users sometimes are going to move documents to a SharePoint Team site. If I mark the document and choose either Move to or Copy to, Choose a library with the editprops column and copy it there I want an easy way to edit the properties in the target library.
When the file is copied I hit the link in the dialogbox below:


The target library is shown in the Teams window. I click the pen to open the edit properties panel. Nothing shows:



Can you please fix it!

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