People Web Part briefly showing department

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We have started seeing the following behavior across our SharePoint 365 sites in the People Web Part.

When you load a page which contains the web part, regardless of whether the configuration is "compact" or "descriptive", the employee's department shows for about two to three seconds, then vanishes. But sometimes, for some individuals, the department (but nothing else) remains visible (which people changes each time you refresh the page).


I noticed this last week, but it may be that this has been going on longer. At our company we are as yet not filling the "Job Title".


Below two screen shots of a page with both the descriptive and compact configurations. The first shows a freshly loaded page, the second the same page a few seconds later.


Anyone else seeing this (or something similar)? Any suggestions as to how to stop this behavior? (either that the department stays visible, or is not at all visible).






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I am not able to replicate this behavior.
Ok. Thanks for the response!

@Russ Herald I am unable to replicate this issue. I can only see the name and job title of users in people web part: 


Anyways, you cannot customize the display/functionality of web part as this is SharePoint default web part. 

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It seems then that this is a kind of anomalous behavior in our tenant. Thanks for the reminder that it is not possible to edit the web part.