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Is there a way to create an item in Microsoft Lists directly from Outlook email?  For example, a data entry form that would populate the fields of the Microsoft Lists.  I have this function with Smartsheet and hoping that the same functionality exists in the Microsoft environment.

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Hi @MDG129,

There is no native way to create a Microsoft Lists item directly from Outlook email. However, there are a few workarounds that you can use.

One option is to use Microsoft Power Automate to create a flow that will trigger when you receive a new email in Outlook. The flow can then create a new item in Microsoft Lists, and populate the fields with the data from the email.

To create a flow, go to the Microsoft Power Automate website and log in with your Microsoft account. Click on Create and then select Flow from blank.

In the Choose trigger dialog box, select Outlook and then select When a new email arrives. Click on Create.

In the Choose action dialog box, select Microsoft Lists and then select Create item. Click on Create.

In the Site Address field, enter the URL of your Microsoft Lists site. In the List Name field, enter the name of the list that you want to create the item in.

In the Field Values section, select the fields that you want to populate with the data from the email. For each field, click on the Add dynamic content button and then select the appropriate data from the email.

Once you have configured the action, click on Save.

Now, whenever you receive a new email in Outlook, the flow will trigger and create a new item in Microsoft Lists, populated with the data from the email.

You can also use the Microsoft Graph API to create Microsoft Lists items from emails. This is a more advanced option, but it gives you more flexibility in how you create the items.

To use the Microsoft Graph API, you will need to create a Microsoft Azure AD application and register it with the Microsoft Graph API. Once you have registered the application, you can use the Microsoft Graph API to create a new item in a Microsoft Lists list.

For more information on how to use the Microsoft Graph API to create Microsoft Lists items, see the Microsoft Graph documentation: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/sp-add-ins/working-with-lists-and-list-items-with-r....

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@MDG129 this can be done with a very simple flow in Power Automate, one of the Microsoft 365 apps. Make sure your list is already created with the columns you want.


Create a new instant flow. Your trigger is the Office 365 Outlook "when a new email arrives (v3)". The only action in the flow is then the SharePoint "create item" action: Select your site and the list and then click in each field and the dynamic content box will appear at the bottom right of the screen and you select the info you want to be put into that column.




The following email has arrived in my inbox:



The flow runs and creates a new item in the list.



Come back if you have questions about any of this.


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