Options to migrate from Google Sites to SharePoint Online Sites

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Hello Everyone,


Can you please let me know if there are any tools/APIs available to migrate from Goolge Sites to SharePoint Online sites.



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Take a look at BitTitan Migration Tools

@Juan Carlos González Martín Thanks for the quick response. I see that Bittitan do not support this at the moment.


I found cloudiway & casahl providing the tools with some limitations. So, wanted to check if there are any other better options. We are also looking for options to migrate the google forms


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@bhanu chintha : Migrating from Google Sites to SharePoint Online is not straight forward .
As mentioned, there are many limitations with tool based migration Cloudiway (SAAS tool) & Cloud M (On-prem or SAAS tool) are some of the tools. Non of them possess capability to post fix migration issues using tool. It requires manual intervention.
Also the problem with Google Sites (New Type) is APIs are not publicly available to extract site structure or content using scripts.

We can only consider "Native/ Manual approach"

  1. Assess  existing Google Sites and map its features with SharePoint Online.
    Ex: Site Structure, User Groups and ACLs, Site Navigations, Google Forms, External Links etc...
  2. Build similar site structure in SPO using PowerShell
  3. Try to replicate similar Navigation structure in SPO (SPO has a limitation - Modern sites supports only 2 levels of navigation)
  4. If you have a static google page, Copy the contents as-is to SP site. (Unfortunately tools are having limitations and fixing sites require individual visiting of each page)
  5. Recreate MS forms (Google Forms support more complexity compared to MS Forms)