Open PDF documents in Client Application


We use SharePoint Online (Office 365) and store PDF files there.
In the moment we are creating a workflow to manage and approve new contracts.
We would like to use Foxit Phantom to edit the PDFs, apply comments and to add a signature there.
But when I click on a pdf it is opened with the default SharePoint PDF Viewer.
Or I can also open it with the Browser (only IE) – then the PDF is opened with the Foxit PlugIn Read Only and I can only save it with a new filename.

Is there a way to open PDFs from SharePoint directly with the installed default PDF Solution in write mode?

And we also like to create a link in an approval E-Mail to the PDF file.
It is possible to open PDFs from SharePoint over a special link directly with the installed PDF Solution in write mode?

I hope someone has o good idea for me.


Thank you

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I would say that your best bet here is to do custom development for the process you want to put in place. Reason: Microsoft is releasing a new UI in SPO and we still don't know how to do this kind of customizations. In the classic UI I would suggest also some coding in the client side (JSLINK, Callouts)

Heiko, you may want to cast a vote here, to get this feature worked on by microsoft  

Thank you @Brad Hayes - i make this vote already a few weeks ago.

And i hope Microsoft is looking for this asap.

But i need this in the moment - beacause we are using SharePoint already and the users ask me very often for this feature.


I do not understand why this topic is that unpopular from MS side. Editing of PDF Files is the reality on many companies and should definitely be part of a Digitial Workplace. The user experience of "downloading a copy of the PDF - Editing PDF - Uploading & Replacing PDF" is simply not reasonable.

@Brad HayesThis one's been open for over three years, has 1900+ votes and no responses from MSFT. I would have expected at least some acknowledgement of the issue, but not a single response to the comments from what I've seen.