OneDrive & SharePoint - Add Shortcut to My Files

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Has anyone encounted this feature and the problems it can lead to? 


The SYNC button in SharePoint syncs document libraries to the BUSINESS OneDrive and not the Personal OneDrive which is correct. However I have discovered that if a user views their OneDrive online, there is a feature at the side named Quick Access. This displays any SharePoint site the person may have visited over the last few days/weeks.


If clicked on, the option 'Add shortcut to My Files' appears at the top of the screen. This adds the library to the persons PERSONAL OneDrive and syncs it!!! 




So this means now that the library is sitting in their Personal drive, they think it is only viewable to them and any changes made does not impact anywhere. The same when a person leaves the business, their OneDrive is deleted and it seems so is the document library as it is still connected.


This is a terrible feature, has anyone else come across it and issues it causes? 

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