No colour options for sections in new/existing pages

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I couldn't find any information on this so decided to ask if anybody else is experiencing this.

Previously, when adding a new section to a page in SharePoint Online, we had the option of changing the background colour (white, grey, and 2 tones of the theme colour selected).

Now when creating a new page or editing an existing one, the option to change colours is gone.

Was this a planned change?


New page



Existing page with a coloured section; colours cannot be changed anymore




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That's not expected: what browser are you using? I have just verified in one of my tenant that I can change the background of a section without problems...In your case it might be a temporary issue in your tenant
Thanks Juan Carlos,
I'm using Edge Version 92.0.902.73.
Using a saved "News template" or copying an existing page it brings the coloured section, but editing or creating a new one does not allow selecting colours.
I've tried on 3 different sites (under the same tenant), all with the same result.
It also works for me if I create a new page using a standard template provide by Microsoft. Same happens if I choose to create a news
Since today we had the same problem with one user. We are using the same Edge Version. I have also tried it with google chrome and on another SiteCollection same problem. I hope some had a solution.
I have the same problem since a few days in Google Chrome. Does anyone has a solution for this problem?
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I have checked today and the issue seems to be fixed. I don't know if anything was done to resolve it but I now have the "section edit" back: I can add colours and select a layout.