New Documents locked by web edit when using Chrome

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We've recently noticed an issue with documents being left locked after opening in the web edit of Sharepoint Online. It only seems to happen in Chrome and i'm fairly sure it's a recent issue (perhaps since the newer, richer web-edit became available). I was wondering if others can re-produce this in their tenants? I realise there are all sorts of tips of unlocking documents and waiting for locks to expire but this seems to be a consistent lock placed on every new document, and a very simple scenario.


It's very easy for us to re-produce and it happens in multiple tenants. 


1. If you go to New > Document. It automatically opens in Word web edit.

2. Enter some content

3. Click on the document library link at the top bar to exit the web edit

4. Open the properties pane for the document and try to change any of the properties.


You receive this:

The file is locked for shared use by


As you can see this is a simple scenario, involving a brand new document, single user and web edit only. Before I go through the long process of logging a support case was interested to see if it's just me. The web edit version we're seeing is 16.0.10319.33700.




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Happens in Teams too but worse due to cache, but it's been happening, if you want to take a stab at support let us know the outcome but your not the only one experiencing it :).

We are having this issue too ... particularly annoying in that is causes Flow workflow to fail because the document is open. 

I mean locked



Is this only happening in OOS (Office Online Server) or are you experiencing this on the client as well?  If so what version (s) of the client.


Is it just locking the properties pane, or is it also locking a specific paragraph you were editing?

For me its v67 Chrome, Office 365 online and sometimes Excel 1806 Build 10228.20062


Have seen this happening lately aswell.

The main issue i'm facing is via office online edit only, and editing of properties via property panel after creating a document. It only seems to be blocking the properties panel. The user can open the document again in web edit or desktop client and continue editing.

We've seen other locking issues before via desktop client but the reason this one is so frustrating is the fact it's such a basic repeatable scenario that simply blocks the user proceeding when creating a document every single time. All the user is doing is creating a brand new document and then trying to fill in it's properties and it's preventing them doing this.

The issue becomes compounded further if you have any required fields in the document library. In this scenario it does this (again Chrome only it seems):

1. User creates new document via New > Document
2. User is automatically presented with web edit where they enter some content
3. User exits web edit and is back at the document library where the document has required fields and is therefore checked out until they fill them in,
4. User tries to fill in required fields via properties panel but is blocked in doing so as it says document is locked by themselves.

So they end up completely stuck and unable to check in as there are required fields, but unable to fill them in as it says they have it locked.

Again I know people have had locking issues but as the ones i've described are such simple, repeatable scenarios can anyone confirm that going though the same steps in Chrome that they're experiencing the same thing? With the particular scenario described above I'm surprised it's not causing more widespread complaints as it's blocking a number of our users even getting their initial document created.

We experience the same problem. I see this is an old post and I looking for the solution ... anyone?