Need Help Creating Daily Shift Checklists in SharePoint for External Users

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Hello Community,

I'm looking for some guidance on how to create effective daily shift checklists within our SharePoint environment with some challenges. My company uses Microsoft 365, but most of my team members don't have individual accounts. Our SharePoint admin has given me the green light to create a dedicated page within our site where I can grant access to my team but struggling to incorporate some elements. I'm hoping to include on the page:

  • Daily Checklists: Simple checklists that my team members can mark as complete as they progress through their shift tasks.
  • Daily Archiving: At the end of each day, I'd like a copy of the completed checklists saved elsewhere on our SharePoint. Including info on who marked items as complete.
  • Daily Refresh: The lists need to automatically reset to their original state for the next day.


I know Planner and Teams offer ways to add checklists, but most of my team members can't be added to our company groups. I'm guessing custom lists and some sort of automated workflow is the best way to go but struggling to get list format and steps in order. Any guidance or suggestions from the community would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you

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