Modifying a help desk tool

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Hey, this is my first post on this community. I'm a techie, currently running an online grocery store. 

The purpose of this post is to share the details of my new project.

Currently, I'm working on remodeling a help desk software I purchased for our online store two years back by utilizing email2db. It was dock 365's basic SharePoint help desk software, the system was quite perfect for our firm, though I'm just giving it a try to upgrade it by coordinating an email and web-based solution. In this clients can send an email to the help desk DB and update the activity, also utilize the web interface to track their ticket history and submit new issues, all on the same knowledge base. So far the project is going well.

The mentioned dock 365's SharePoint help desk software is highly recommended for small businesses, I would be going with it unless my project is a complete success. I would be glad to give more details on my project if you are interested.


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