Modern Communication Site: Can't rename Site title

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What happens, when you rename a communication site? 


As it's not bound to a Office 365 Group, I just rename it in the classic way under Site Settings > Title. The new title gets accepted in the settings UI and changes in the frontend until I reload the page several times. After reload I'm back to the old title. I'm seeing same issues when editing the navigation settings over the inline edit control. Changes are here for a little while and dissapear then. Changes made to navigation over site settings are more likely to be persisted.


Thx for your inputs!


Best, Marcel

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Interesting...have you seen the same even when opening the site in an in private session?

just tried in a Chrome private session and it's the same. Can you rename one?

I'm having the same issue, at least now I know that I'm not alone!

Do we maybe have any PowerShell options? This thread doesn't make me optimistic and especially @Vesa Juvonen s answer..

Is your site in english or another language?


Had the same issue. When I changed the site title in a french user/browser, it reverted back to what it was before. Changed to an english user/browser and voilà, it kept the change.


The base language of communication sites is english so it make sense.



Had the same issue and was able to resolve using PowerShell PnP version 2.19.1710.0 (October, 2017 release).


I used Set-PnPTenantSite cmdlet


I've been refreshing the page for a few minutes now and it seems to be holding.

hmmm, set-pnptenantsite -url "http://tenantsomesite" - title "blabla" is not working

anybody an idea how to change the title of a modern communicationsite?

This worked for me:

  1. Go to site settings
  2. Remove support for all languages other than default
  3. Change title
  4. Add the additional languages you need
  5. The new title should be persistent (The first time the site is loaded using another language, the old title showed, but a refresh would use the new title)

Thanks, this worked for me

That works in the original language, but if you turn an alternate language back on, then change your language to that language and change the site title in that language using Site Information from a modern page or Site Settings -> Title, description, and logo  from a classic page (_layouts/15/prjsetng.aspx) then the translated site title in that language lasts only until you visit the home page again (in any language)  If you don't go to that home page the translated site title stays.

Same thing for modern team sites.

This worked for me too, thanks a lot

Goob job, Thanks, this worked for me !

 @Jon Andreas Ensrud worked for me!


In my experience this is "by design" and is called MUI. There are three levels which should taken into account as well with regard to this functionality: site language settings, browser language settings and language settings in the user profile. Furthermore, every environment has a default language, but in my experience, it is always a good idea to match the default language in your complete SharePoint environment for consistency ... If I'm not mistaken, if your default language is different from English, the termstore might have the default language set to English anyways ... this has been the case in classic SharePoint and it still seems the same so far in modern as well, as far as I know


hope IT helps

Hi @Share P .  Thank you for that.  I am quite familiar with MUI.

The problem that I was describing 2 years ago was that although the site title is one of the 7 classes of MUI-enabled UI objects in Modern sites, at the time it was difficult to set the value of the title in other languages, either manually or with TitleResource.SetValueForUICulture() because it reverted back to the title in the original language.  That problem was fixed a long time ago.

If you're interested, I wrote a post with details of which settings determine what language the MUI will use.

You are right that the default language of the term store may not be the same as that of the site.  However when the farm administrator creates the term store, he or she can choose the default language and the other working languages of the term store to be any of the supported languages.  If you supply labels for terms in all of the languages of the site, the one that will be used will be the current MUI language, for all uses of term stores except navigation.

@Jon Andreas Ensrud Thank you, you made my day.

Now in 2021, looks like MS has totally removed the option to rename a site!

@Conax I can change the title of modern Communication Sites, using the Set-PnPWeb -Title "" command. it just keeps flipping back to the original title. Sometimes after days sometimes after a few minutes. I've tried switching off language settings in site and at the hub site level but with no luck. This is really strange. Anyone got any tips?



@Cillo8383What do you mean by "tried switching off language settings in site"? Did you remove alternate languages or just turn off the multilingual page properties setting? In the language settings of a communication site you have to click on Show advanced settings.

You don't need to do that, however it sounds like there is a mismatch between the site title in one language and the site title in other languages. There are different ways to change the site title in other languages, and "Set-PnPWeb -Title" is not one I would use, but it looks like you have a mismatch between languages.

You can use Gear Icon -> Site Information -> Site name, once for each language your site supports, or turn the multilingual page publishing feature back on, even temporarily, and use Gear Icon -> Site Information -> and click on "Translate site name" under "Site name (English)"