Mass change: Library refering to list

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I have a (flat) document library (of presentations) and each document can refer to a list-item (of agenda topics / minutes) - actually its title. I am happy with the structure and use connected webparts for presentation.


But I have to migrate 250 documents and think I have to edit/create each reference by hand. So 250 times: go to properties of the document, choose the field, choose one of 250 possible list-items.


Any ideas how to simplify this? Something like: Prepare in Excel, then copy-paste to grid? Will the grid autoresolve the text to item?



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Where are you migrating the documents from? If you are using any migration tool, it will handle the URL reference updates to an extent* (depending on where the links are pointing)

@Bharath Arja no, i am copying plain files from a plain directory. The original files don’t have the reference…