Map new MS Teams channels to existing folders (am i doing things correctly )

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We have a SharePoint modern team site which contain a document library with 2 folders "General" & "test", as follow:-




but when i access this sharepoint site inside MS Teams, i can only see the "General" folder as follow:-




so is it fine/recommended if inside MS Team >> i create a new Channel >> named it "test" >> so the new channel will get mapped automatically to the test folder inside sharepoint document library ? so the MS Teams will be as follow:-




I am doing so as the user asked us to have all the main folders (we will have up to 20 folders) under the Software Development title (on the same level as the General channel).. so in other words each main folder inside sharepoint document library will have a separate channel in MS Teams?is this fine?


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@john john This is fine and a doable solution. However, I have not tried syncing a channel with an already existing folder with the same title. I feel like that could cause some issues, but I might be mistaken and that the synchronization actually works well! In my experience, I usually replace the folder entirely so that a new folder is created when the channel is made.

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Aref Halmstrand

@john john 


I have the same issue.  were you able to make this work and sync properly after the fact?