Links to Sharepoint documents set to download

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Previously in Sharepoint (mere weeks ago), I was able to change links to Sharepoint documents to set to download, instead of having the document open in a browser.


I would change the URL containing "guestaccess.aspx" to "download.aspx".


However, when I now retrieve a link to a document from Sharepoint, it looks very different (and shorter).


It looks like the following:


The URL no longer contains "guestaccess.aspx", I therefore am not able to set the document to download. 


Does anyone have any ideas?

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Have not seen that yet but your url looks like it is first going to the graph

Thank you for your reply Paul. What graph are you referring to?

Thanks, although I'm not sure how this helps me

HI @Deleted.

Are you speaking of SPO or on premises?

Well it does not help but i think this is causing your issue i have not found a way . anymore to download directly from the web.


Only open file explorer or onedrive works. And SharePoint Designer..

Yes Salvatore, I am referring to Sharepoint Online.
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In SPO you should now be able to download Office documents from inside the Office Online apps that open them.

Other documents can be downloaded directly and/or by using the apps that open them.

So, AFAIK, there is no need to change manually the URL.

Hope it helps...

This is a new feature they announced at ignite for shortening Sharepoint document URLs. However guest access links as Salvatore has stated now allow for download previously youcould not download the documents with guest links.

Thanks @Salvatore Biscari missed that one :) is it also possible for ASPX? like modern pages?

AFAIK, no.

The point is that when you click on an ASPX file, it is directly opened (i.e. rendered) by the browser.

What would be necessary, actually, is a right-click action...

Exactly. Found other way for the download of the ASPX :) using PNP and the latest schema somehow my powershell was not updated yet.


thanks again.

Can you share what was your solution? I'm trying to figure this out. We want to send external links that will trigger a download, but O365 only opens a document in the browser (even ZIP files).
Add ?download=1 or &download=1 at end of url can force download on office URLs.
Your suggestion didn't work. Thanks, though.
If you disable the short URLs it will. Not sure if that breaks existing links but I would test if possible if you wanted that to work.

I disabled short links, and then tried it with a new link, and I get a "This link has been removed" message.


Why is this such a chore? Having a download only link should be an option.

I just tested an anyone link from OneDrive and Sharepoint and by fading &download=1 to both links it made the files download right away.
Ps. My short URLs are enabled so it works with those on. You are sharing a file and not folderers right? What share option are you using?