Linking a Teams list to a new sharepoint site

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We are building a PowerApp for users to store training data in a list. The powerapp and list are part of a MS Team created just for the creators to collaborate in. The list was populated with real training data gathered externally and then imported, so that we had something to test how the powerapp worked and displayed its data. 


The testing phase is coming to an end, so we want to link the list we already have to a different modern sharepoint site, where the data can be displayed, using different views to show different information. The different sharepoint site is the active area where staff across the company go to read about staff training updates. 


1) I can find the list via the lefthand sidebar under "My lists", and access the whole thing easily enough through various different microsoft screens as far as i can tell, but when i try to add a webpart to the company training sharepoint site, specifically to display the data in this list, my only option seems to be to create a *new* list using the current list as a template. It will not allow me to actively link the list and the data it already holds. I don't want to create a new list, or use the current list as a template.

Am i missing something or is there no option to link the list that already holds data, to the webpart in the company training sharepoint site?

I'm struggling here because i know i can link lists already populated with data from several different sharepoint sites into 1 Teams site, but it seems i cannot do this the other way around?

2) When a list is added as a webpart on a sharepoint site, is it set as view only to visitors that do not have edit rights for the sharepoint site? Or will everyone at the company have edit rights as soon as it is published, regardless? 


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