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Hi, I need to develop a Leave Request System similar to this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DfW8yT-4NA

However, that video only shows a demo of how it works but not how to develop it. Can I know how to develop the system similar to that video step by step without any help from any 3rd party tools? As I'm totally a beginner at SharePoint?


Thank you.


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@anonymous9376 that used a set of paid 3rd party tools from Infowise, so it wasn't with out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality. And it's now quite an old video.


We now have Power Apps where, if it's one of your Office 365 apps, you can develop a full leave system with no/low code. But there is quite a learning curve with Power Apps as well as needing to know a bit about SharePoint. Reza Dorrani has produced a Power Apps Leave Request video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U5jax-zMIc and April  Dunnam has also done one at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-YUearXrBA. I also highly recommend the videos on YouTube by Shane Young, for example there is one on getting started with Power Apps at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA5xUtrM6bo


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Hi @RobElliott, thank you for your reply. I have used Power Apps to develop Leave Request but only halfway because my organization decides to use SharePoint for the system, similar to the video I posted earlier. Do you know how to do the leave request system without any 3rd part tools in Sharepoint using the site and customizable web parts?

Thank you.

@anonymous9376 to do this using SharePoint and Power Automate (no premium connectors required, so you can use the license included in most subscriptions - Business and Enterprise plans)


Do something like this:

  • Create a SharePoint List with the columns you want to capture for the leave request - leave type (choice list), start and end dates, comments, leave approval status
  • Create a Power Automate workflow to run when an item is submitted - creates an approval request for the manager
  • Once approved, update the List item to set the leave approval status
  • Email the requestor with the outcome of the approval
  • Email Payroll with leave details
  • Create views so Payroll can see approved leave

I hope this helps point you in the right direction



@Steve Knutson Thank you for your help. How to deduct the leave balance if the leave is approved? Also, using Power Automate?
To do that you would need to store the leave balance against each employee. I would do this in a seperate list, so you can limit who can see the leave balance (List Settings -> Advanced) and then use Power Automate to update the value when the leave is approved.
@Steve Knutson, Okay, thank you for your help. Right now I'm doing the approval workflow. I'm required to have multi-level approval that checks the employee's approval type from an employee list. May I know how to do this in the Power Automate?
Thank you.

@anonymous9376 assuming your approval type list has a title column for the employee email and another column for the approval type, you would use the get items action and set a filter query to Title eq 'the column in your approval list where you've got the employee's email'. That would just bring back 1 item but would create an apply to each which is expected behaviour. Your multi-level approval could be done in 2 ways: either all the approvers are in the assigned to field in the Start an aproval action and you set it to everyone must approve, or you have a condition that if the first approval is Approve then start an approval for the second approver, otherwise do nothing etc.


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@RobElliott@Steve KnutsonFor me to display the approved leave on the Sharepoint calendar, does it require using Power Automate after storing the leave balance in Sharepoint? If so, how to do it?
Thank you.

@RobElliottCan you please elaborate more on the 'all the approvers are in the assigned to field in the Start an approval action and set it to everyone must approve'?
Thank you.

@Steve Knutson what about integrating power apps with that too, like having the employee submit the request through the app which triggers the automated flow? 

@MoAlsalman yes, that will work. In my notes above, the SharePoint List form can be customised with PowerApps or you can use a Standalone PowerApp.