JSON formatting not sticking in SharePoint Online List Form

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In the past couple of months, I noticed that when I try to configure the layout on the SharePoint list form, it doesn't stick.  This has been happening on the new lists that we've been creating.  Even if I clear the cache, the JSON formatting still doesn't stick, even tried using a very simple format and copied the code from MS, and it still doesn't work.  If I click on the first couple of items, looks like the formatting was there, but after clicking on the 3rd list item, all the formatting goes away.  But then, it works fine on one of my other machines.  However, some of the users are also seeing the same issue.  We've checked Windows version, browser version, tested with Edge and Chrome, and Microsoft Lists desktop app, same behavior.   Anyone else having this issue?   

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Yes, I am getting this too. very annoying. Seen a few people reporting this.

@pdfrigand @Mark Allotey 

Same this kept happening to me... I kept adding the JSON to Configure Layout, looks perfect, then after a browser refresh, the JSON had been removed. I had tried Chrome and Edge. Just tried Firefox and it STUCK! The JSON is still there after a browser refresh. Hoping it stays for good.


Update... this isn't good... now it's stuck in there and when I go back in to edit the JSON, it's showing as blank again, but the previous formatting I added is there. and, I can't overwrite it with new JSON. UGH!


Okay another update... I followed this video tutorial here:

and used her JSON code and it seems to be really sticking now. She is using Chrome in the video and I am using Firefox. I refreshed, cleared browser cache, closed and reopened my browser and the JSON is still there and functioning to where I can update it and it overwrote my old code.

@Kara Hughes - Thanks for sharing!  We use Edge in our firm, although some users are allowed to use Chrome, Edge is our official browser.  But it doesn't work in Chrome either.  The custom formatting works fine on Edge/Chrome on one of my machines, but not the other.  But other users are having the same issue as well.  Also another interesting thing I found is from list view, if you click on New Item and copy the link or copy the link from one of the entries, if you paste in a new window, the formatting is intact!      

I've been working with Edge Support and SPO.  We tested also in I.E. Mode and it worked.  But we wouldn't want to use I.E. for this.  I'm still working with them so hopefully they can come up with a solution that will work with Edge, will keep you all posted.  

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Another update and just tried this right now. I saw from another post for a different issue that they changed the list settings - >Advanced Settings - > set Offline Client Availability to No. When I did this on the lists I was having issues with, it worked! the formatting sticks. I'll check again next week and make sure. Let me know if this works for you guys.
Thanks so much... I made that adjustment to the list settings and now the formatting is behaving consistently perfect in Chrome and Firefox! I really appreciate this tip!! The other updates I made were helping but the results were still hit and miss as to whether the formatting would work on any given record/day and I kept having to clear cache to see it showing right. This is much better!

@Kara Hughes Great!  Glad it worked out for you. I also had a ticket with MS Support for another issue and the fix they recommended also fixed the formatting issue.  They asked to follow these instructions - Lists sync policies - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs.  I made changes to the registry, added DisableNucleusSync and set dword:1 as specified in the document.  Make sure to reboot after making the change. The change will have to get pushed out to all users though.  This change helps if you have a lot of lists or other users are creating their own, then you wouldn't have to change the list settings on each list.  

GREAT! Thanks so much for taking the time to follow up on this issue through to resolution and communicating your findings. It's very appreciated! I'm certain this will help others!

@pdfrig That worked for me too! Thank you so much for that insight!

This change of list setting also worked for me. Thanks pdfrig :)
Thank you! This solved it!
Solved a problem that I have been fighting for weeks. Thanks for sharing . Changing it to "No" worked perfectly.

@pdfrig THANK GOD!!! I spent the whole day today trying to figure this thing out!!! HUGE THANKS! IT FINALLY WORKED!

Glad it worked out! I had so many other issues with lists and reported to Microsoft... took months! :( but glad this fix fixed most of them aside from the view formatting.
This worked for me THANKS A LOT!!!!!