How to view users in list with row level permissions?

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My organisation has a SP list to which row-level permissions are applied, including for external users.  Is there a way I can check which users have permissions for a particular set of lines (filtered by reference)?  A view would be ideal.

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@NSmith1080 I don't think you can see which users have permissions on list items in list view (at a time for multiple list items) using OOTB way. 

You can check for list item permissions individually by following steps:

  1. Click on ellipses (3 dots) next to list item & select "Manage access": ganeshsanap_0-1661151578106.png
  2. You can see who has access to list item on "Manage access" popup. If you want to see more detailed list, you can click on "Advanced" at the bottom of Manage access popup: ganeshsanap_1-1661151732095.png
  3. It will open classic permissions page for this particular list item.

If you want to list out the permissions for multiple list items at a time, you can achieve it using PowerShell. Check: PowerShell Script to Find Permissions at Item Level for a Particular SharePoint List 

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Thank you. I will talk to the powers that be about getting approval for the script.



You can also use existing spfx web part from community which gives similar functionality 


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@kalpeshvaghela   Thanks for this option.  I'll run it by my IT department.