How to Disable Offline Sync of SharePoint Libraries to NEW users

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We currently use the OneDrive client to sync multiple SharePoint libraries to our users but due to SO MANY issues with syncing OneDrive, we want to gradually move users off OneDrive to either use the browser or Microsoft Teams.


We do NOT want to cutoff everyone all at once and want to first start with disabling the Offline Sync but just from now on (ie if I try and sync now, I can't, but it won't stop the sync for existing connections and users).


Is this possible?

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So I tried disabling the offline and it immediately crashed my OneDrive client (where as it signed me out and had to manually re-open it) then it gave me an error that the library does not allow offline sync, then OneDrive crashed again, and now am finally back working. All this for just one setting.

There has GOT to be a way to just stop new users from synchronizing until we can get the bulk of existing users to not sync and use files in Teams.