How to check using SharePoint/other API if a site has been created from Yammer/Teams

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How can I check if the SharePoint Online site has been created from Yammer or in different way using SPO/other api?

I see this information available in the SharePoint Admin Portal under Active sites in the General Tab, somethin like:

1. For site created from Yammer: Created by XXX on [datetime] from Yammer

2. For site created from Teams: Created by XXX on [datetime] from Microsoft Teams

3. For site created by PnP Provisioning: Created by XXX on [datetime] from PnP provisioning

4. In other cases: Created by XXX on [datetime] from Microsoft 365 Group


I need to apply the site template for new sites created for Yammer. I know I can apply them for a site type, for example Team Site, but I need to limit it for Yammer sites only. So the idea was to check how the site was created for example from MS Flow/Azure Function and then apply the site template.


I could not find this information in the Web/Site properties. I could see the WebTemplate used "Group", but this is used for Yammer and Teams as well and I need to limit it to Yammer only.



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