How to boost SharePoint Site based on some keywords in SharePoint provided Search

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Is there anyway to boost particular SharePoint site based on some specific keywords so that whenever users puts keywords in SharePoint Search that site should appear on results at tops.



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Hi @pratikdarak21 ,

there was once a feature called "Authoratative Web Pages" in SharePoint Server. Using that you were able to enter a list of pages that were always ranked above other pages in the search results.

You normally would use that to promote sites that contain instructions about company processes to the top of search results (like "How to request a new office" or something like that)

That feature has been deprecated in SharePoint Online.

The new "way" is to configure "Bookmarks" or "QnA" in Microsoft Search (

You can see this in action if you just search for "yammer" (If no one changed the default configuration)

But this works differently than authoritative pages as you have to enter a list of keyword or phrases. If the search query contains these then the answers will placed above the search results.

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Thank you for you response ! This worked for me :)