How can I use a "modern" web part on a "classic" page?

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I need to use the Events web part, and possibly the News web part on my site's home page, which is apparently a classic page. This is a newly provisioned SharePoint site, and if I create a new page, I have access to all of the new web parts. But for some reason the home page is apparently not a "modern" page.

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I knew I could do that, but I'd already done significant formatting and design on the current home page, it just seems ridiculous that this page works differently.

To my knowledge, when creating a site in SharePoint, there is not yet a template available that includes a Modern page as the homepage--every site needs to have its homepage moved to a newly created Site Page to gain the Modern experience.


The Modern webparts aren't built to work with the old architecture, and while it's inconvenient that there's not a page transformation process from Classic to Modern aside from a rebuild, it is what it is.

Well, I would not say it seems ridiculous, basically you have classic pages and modern pages....if you want to use modern pages, you have to re-do all the stuff...if you wan't to re-do all the stuff, just keep your current home page as it is

Totally agree. If Msft's argument is that there's a different "architecture" involved then this should have been developed differently so you can transition between old and new. In fact that argument is total bs - the same archaic platform is used and not to make a new front end view compatible with the current one is simply laziness or worse stupidity. I'm so tired of Msft transferring the cost of their poor design sense and amateurish approach onto paying customers. Google - please expedite your Sharepoint alternative so we can finally abandon what is probably the worst software ever made which just gets worse everyday.  

Opening an old thread here.. but have a customer who's root site is Classic and trying to see how we can make this like a Modern site using Modern pages/web parts and the new experience for lists and libraries.


Am I right in saying that the News Web Part won't work on a Modern page within a Classic site.


i've added the news web part and have add some news posts , however they are not appearing in the news web part (even when I have created the News posts directly from the web part) ?

News works fine in classic site. But you have to create the news off a Modern page using the News web part.

It wasn't working on the site I tried initially.. this was on the classic root site of a older tenant.
I added a number of news articles and links but the News Web part still showed the "add news" command button.
I tried the same steps on the classic root site on a brand new tenant and the news web part is working as expected

Here's an article that may help...

Workaround for Configuring a Modern Calendar into a Classic Page on SharePoint