Has there been a change in Sharepoint allocation?

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Is anyone aware of a change in how Microsoft allocates Sharepoint storage? Our storage allocation was recently reduced 1TB between November 2023 and today. I've opened a ticket with MS but they cannot tell me whether or not allocation has changed since November. The number of E3 licenses has been relatively static.



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The same thing has just happened to us and I'm scrambling to find out what has happened as we are "over capacity" by at least 1TB.
Hi everyone !

Well, I think I'm having something similar today.

My SharePoint storage policy has always been setup on "Automatic" and when I create a SharePoint site (behind a Teams, MS 365 groups, or even standalone)... I've got 25 Tb allocated storage automatically.

Well it was true until few days, where I discover that when I create a site, I now have 1 Tb allocated storage by default, that's quite a change !

Does anyone know what it means ? Is the storage moving automatically from 1 Tb to 2 Tb... 5 Tb and so on when the site is becoming full ?

I don't see any communication from Microsoft on this... I think that's something that definitely needs to be documented somewhere !

Thanks for your help !