Has Changed: "Content Type name" Not Available?

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Since grouping by 'Content Type' is apparently not supported, I'm creating a 'work around' Flow on a list to update a simple text field 'ContentType' with the 'Content Type name".


Setting it to fire on new records is easy using modified=created, however, using the technique "Get changes for an item or a file (properties only)" doesn't seem to provide the column in a condition "Has Columns Changed:.........". All other fields are there EXCEPT "Content Type name", "Content Type Id" etc.


So Content Types are a big thing in SharePoint, but you can't group on them and you can't tell using standard techniques if it's changed or not.


Am I missing something? Is there some other technique my research has not revealed?




So I ran the flow and because I can't insert the clause in the flow that checks if Has Changed: "Content Type name"  the flow keeps looping and looping.



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@Carl_Williams If by grouping, you mean in the modern Content Type Gallery page, this is now possible from the Category column header:



If you don't want to have to do that every time, just save the View (like in a SharePoint list):



Thanks Jim. No I'm specifically talking about checking if the content type was changed. Checking it using the "Has Changed" property in Power Automate. All fields are there except 'Cobtent Type'. :\
I've figured out a 'workaround'. Surprise

@Carl_Williams Ah, ok. I thought you wanted to group the Content Type definitions in the Gallery, or that you wanted to group items/documents by Content Type in a View, which is also possible:



I thought that the reason you wanted to trigger on the Content Type changing was so that you could populate a custom column with the value of Content Type so that you could group on it.


I'd be interested to hear your work-around, since I can't think of a way to determine that it was the Content Type of the file/item that was changed...

@Jim Duncan Sure, I'll have to dig it up on my PC tomorrow hopefully.

@Carl_Williams If you are using SharePoint online modern experience, you can group list/library view by Content Type. Follow below steps:

  1. Show/Include "Content Type" field in your list/library view
  2. Click on "Content Type" column header or dropdown next to column header
  3. Select Group by Content Type option (Check below image) 


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@ganeshsanap That's pretty much what I just said...

@ganeshsanap Thanks, Ganeshanap, however, it had nothing to do with modern lits at all, this is all purely in Power Automate BASED on a Content Type change in a list.

Hi Jim.
So my workaround was actually very simple. There was no special process I did afterall, just a simple condition.
If created=modified (brand new record therefore set to Content Type to the ContentTypeText field.
If not a new record, who cares if the content type was changed, set the ContentTypeText field to the Content Type field anyway. No checking or anything. If the content type wasn't changed, well it gets set to what it already was, if it was changed well now it's updated.
BTW the ContentTypeText field is a simple text field that can be used to create a lookup on since, heaven forbid in 2022 we're able to use a content type in a lookup.
Ya ya ya, I've heard all the excuses from Microsoft and Microsoft Lovers. Sorry, its all B.S. PERIOD! Many other technologies are created far beyond allowing a content type field to be used in a lookup. The real reason is, it wasn't done at the beginning and they just don't have that as a priority now. There are new social services popping up daily so their priority is creating connections to the services for the tweens that use it, this week. That way it garners more people to buy into M365. In the meantime screw the 'real' users. Our petty little requests will never be done.

Hey thanks for the super helpful reply. I'm not sure how I missed that thread. I haven't quite mastered the search function on here. I think I'll pass with him this time around. If i want any further guideline we will contact you here https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/sharepoint/has-lunchtime-changed-quot-content-type-name-quot-not-available/td-p/3118826