Failed to connect to SharePointSite

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We are currently facing a problem with SharePoint Authentication. The problem only persists with our DEV environment and is working fine in our other environments.


I have looked into the possible solutions but most of them point us to issue with on-premise setup.  Is there a way we can either reset the setting and re-configure the settings again?


I only have the System Administration permission in Dynamics and have the owner permission for our SharePoint site.


I have attached image along with the error code in our DEV environment.


Image 3.jpgImage 1.jpg


Is there any way we can reset the environment or re-configure the settings?


Thank you!

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I have already tried the steps mentioned in the document; except for replacing the certificate. Is it necessary for this error?

Do you have any insight on how a Global Admin would be able to re-configure or reset the environment? Any screenshot or walkthrough steps would be really helpful.





hi god 

I also have a problem with you in these settings. Have you found a solution?
Thank you for your guidance


  • hi! Have you solved the problem

I have the same problem
Can anyone solve this problem?