Error retrieving this channel's SharePoint URL

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Hi Community,


Any ideas how I can fix this error message? I wasn't able to find anything in the discussion threads.


I added 3 channels to an existing team in MS Teams. Team has a SharePoint site.







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Hello @kaz01 


i don't see the error before.


Have you done anything to the channel? renamed it, for example?

Is this error only on this channel folder or also on others?


Regards, Dave

Hi David,

No I haven't renamed the channel at all. Same error message for all 3 new channels.

I'm thinking at this point to delete the channels and add them back. Thoughts?



I just noticed same issues here with several Teams Channel Files



@RonaldKriege Did you add the channels using the Desktop app? Oddly enough, I created a test channel while using the web app and did not get the error message.


I suppose the solution is to delete the errored folders and recreate using web app.

Will be a bit of a process as we have to wait 30 days for a deleted channel to permanently delete before the file name is available again. Or else recreate the new channels and rename after 30 days.





@RonaldKriege @kaz01 I don't use the desktop app at all only the web, and have this issue since this morning too.

@Barbara3112 @kaz01 @RonaldKriege 

I just tested this using Microsoft Teams on web in our tenant and it is working fine for me: 

ganeshsanap_0-1686750546315.pngI will suggest you to raise a support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this behavior: Get M365 help - Online support 

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@ganeshsanap I ran into the same issue creating channels from the Teams admin center. Turns out the easy way to resolve the problem is simply to go to the team in the Teams app and retrieve the channel mail address from there. Once you do that the warnings go away in SharePoint. 



@prahalski Good to know. When you say "Teams app" is this web or desktop?



Get email address option is available both in web and desktop version of Microsoft Teams.

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@prahalski       THIS SOLVED THE PROBLEM!!! Thanks!!!!
It took me a minute to find the "Get email address" link.
Desktop Teams client --> Find the Team -->
Click: "See all channels".



This did not work I got the following error, so very helpful Microsoft!


Just adding I´m seeing same type of error. Does not help to get the mail address. Get a HTTP 403 Forbidden error when I´m trying to access the file area in teams or get the mail address. 
And yes, I´m both owner of the team and the private channel. 

So here is the fix that should work for you.

Rename the channel you are having an issue with. I just edited the channel and renamed the channel by adding a "2" to the name of the channel. 

I then created a new private channel with the original name of the channel name I wanted.

Give it about 2 minutes after you create this new channel just to be safe. 

You should now be able to get to the Files section and upload what is needed to the channel.

It should work in either app.

Thanks, that might work. The thing is that we create teams with an automation which uses GraphAPI to create new teams on a regular basis. They are "short-lived" teams for collaborating with external users in different projects. when the project is done the team is archived. 
"Fixing" each new team created with the rename and create new channel from the app is not really a solution in our case since we sometimes create 10 or more teams each week. 
It have been working previously, but lately all new team created have the issue where the sharepoint site is not created for a private channel in the teams team. 
The strange part is that it works when you create a channel from the app, but not when the channel is created with the GraphAPI. It should be the same backend, right? 
Or is it just that Team creation is not meant to be automated? :) 

We are experiencing the same issue for 2 days now. Any resolution? Any of the tips below did not work.
Hello, our organization is facing the same issue over specific channels. For channels that were empty, the workaround was to delete and recreate the channel and this seemed to work, but there are channels already with information that cannot be deleted so we are still stuck in the same problem. Opened a ticket with MS through the admin center, but the tech was not able to resolve it and we ended up in this article as "solution".
Same issue here. Also using graphAPI through Power Automate...
What we have discovered during our testing is that when you create at private channel with GraphAPI. The permissions of the SharePoint site does not populate automatically. What happens is that when a user presses the "file tab" in Teams of the newly created private channel, the MS backend some how starts to create the SharePoint site for the private channel. The thing is, and here it gets tricky, is that if it's NOT the owner of the private channel who clicks on the file tab in teams. The creation of the private SharePoint area fails because the backend is trying to use the owner permissions to create it. (Is my theory at least).
So when a normal member presses the file tab the first time, the backend tries to use the owners permissions (the owner on top of the owner list in teams) to create the file area. And since the normal member is not the same person as the top owner, the creation fails. This will also fail if there are multiple owners of the private channel. And if it's not the owner at the top of the list that presses the file tab first then it will fail in the same way.

How we have solved it is that when a private channel is created by Graph API we only assign one owner to the team and no one else. When the owner get the file area working (by just pressing the file tab) they starts to invite the other persons who should be part of the team.