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Hello Everyone,

    I am taking over my companies sharepoint site and I have encountered a unique situation.  There is one document that when you search for it and click on the link it gives a 404 page server error, but if you know the file path and follow it to the document, it is viewable with no error.  This only occurs in using the search function.  Furthermore, I removed the document from sharepoint completely to see if the error still occurred but now the document STILL shows when you search for it *with the same filepath*.  The only difference now is when you hover over it, the technical difficulties error shows.



My question is two-fold.

1)  What would cause a document to have a correct working filepath, but give a 404 error for anyone clicking on the link using the search function.

2)  How do I get the document to delete from sharepoint


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If this is SharePoint on-premises, check when your last crawl ran and that it is crawling successful lying as indexed documents stay in the index after you delete them until a crawl occurs.
Try going into the library advanced settings and select option to Reindex library.