Displaying data from a SharePoint list in a Word document

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I've read that it's possible to display data from a SharePoint list in a Word document by using custom metadata fields and content controls. This is on the side of the Word document. On the side of the SharePoint list, I've read that the columns containing the data must be "external data columns". Is this correct? When I look further into external data columns, they appear to be for receiving rather than sending data.

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Hello @The_Real_Remster 


you can use your "normal" SharePoint columns from a document library in word.


In my case i have "normal" managed metadata columns, but with text columns it's also work:



After that you can use the columns into your word as Quickpart. Word > Ribbon: Insert > Quick Parts > Document property:



You can also see your SharePoint metadata in word. Word > Ribbon: View > SharePoint: 



Hope this helps. 


Best, Dave

Thanks, that's potentially very helpful. Can you please direct me to any instructions you know about for the first part of your reply (the part before "After that")? It looks as if you've tried to include some images, but I can see only thumbnail icons and the text descriptions.

Hello @The_Real_Remster

ok no worries.

As first, you need to add columns to your library...

...after that, you can use this columns in your word.

Best, Dave

I'm getting there. I've managed to add some columns from the list to a document library, and add content controls for those columns to a Word document. Now I have a further puzzle.

The list includes a column containing unique IDs. What I want to be able to do is select an ID for each document, and then have data from other columns in the list pulled through automatically. I can achieve that in the document properties by adding the other columns under "Add additional columns from source list". However, the other columns aren't then available under Quick Parts in Word.