Display multiple rows of promoted links in center of sharepoint site

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I currently have three rows of five of promoted link tiles and I would like to position these icons in the middle/ center-align these icons within the sharepoint home page. How can I achieve this?

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@eyeana14 If You mean the "Featured links" on "SharePoint Home" you cannot customize it.


Or is it on a startpage of a site? Something like this?


Hi @Magnus Goksøyr ,


No, I mean promoted link tiles, as shown in the picture below. Am I able to center align these icons so that it is displayed in the middle of teh page? If so, how? promoted links.JPG

Hello @eyeana14,


I believe that you have to update the Page Layout to suit your needs. Your example page looks like Classic SharePoint. To access Page Layout's, click Settings (Cog) > Edit Page > Page (tab in the Ribbon) > click Page Layout.



The Classic Promoted Links web part does not work with Modern site pages. Using a Modern Site Page with the Quick Links web part and a 1 or 3 column section layout would be a nice alternative.



I hope this helps.



Hi there. How'd you table your promoted links like that?