Disable SharePoint alert notifications when comment a file

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Is it possible for me as an admin to disable SharePoint alert notifications for all users in our Office 365? I am working at a school and for every comment a teacher does in a file the students gets a mail. The inbox gets filled with notifications…


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How these notifications has been enabled? Are these SharePoint out of the box alerts or is there any workflow/Power Automate flow used to send email notifications to users?


If you are talking about SharePoint out of the box alerts then you can delete alerts from either site settings --> User alerts OR using PowerShell. Check below references:


  1. Manage, view, or delete SharePoint alerts - Check "View or cancel an alert for another person on SharePoint" section 
  2. SharePoint Online: Delete Alerts using PowerShell 

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This is happening to our users as well. Nobody has enabled alerts, yet they are randomly being sent to people. The one common theme is, it seems that they are being sent to whoever created the document, whether they created the alert or not.
Notifications are enabled for both SharePoint and OneDrive in the org settings. My understanding is this should "allow" users to turn on notifications. Not apply them automatically.
Did anyone make any progress on this?
Okay, I feel kinda dumb now. :) we found the setting right after I sent that first comment. We have been struggling for a year with this....
In the email alerts we receive, in the bottom right of the email, there is a link that takes everyone to there personal alert settings. There is a setting for "Email notification when others comment on my documents." Toggle it off.

@jameshickey1140  - Hi - we have started getting this, anytime a folder is moved, a load of people get notified, as far as I'm aware alerts weren't switched on and when I checked the site I couldn't see it set on.  In the email received I can't see a setting to switch it off.  Did you find out anything more about it?






Hi, Yes, it was in the users personal OneDrive settings. The settings are all defaulted to alert on for me. Go to OneDrive on the web, then click the Gear Icon (top right) then click OneDrive Settings:


On the left under Notifications, you'll see all the different options for notifications. There are 7 in my options:


Hope this helps.


Another place to look would be: In the document library that users are getting notified about, look for the Automate drop down. There is a manage rules option there. Maybe there is a rule set up in there. Source: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/create-a-rule-to-automate-a-list-or-library-151ea008-7fa6...



Good idea for an April Fools practical joke ;)

@jameshickey1140  Hi -thanks for this - I've changed the setting and asked the user to do so aswell, hopefully this will do the trick!