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I know this question may have been asked.  I have also seen so much information online about disabling auto-save in Sharepoint online.  My question is, can we set a library such as the documents library to not have auto-save enabled?  This is an o365 environment where departments who handle confidential excel files, do not want things overwritten.  Please let me know if this can be disabled.  I saw that you can and followed certain steps only to see that the features I needed to locate, do not exist.  



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Hello @scooter4483 


yes, it's possible to turn off autosave in a sharepoint library:


  1. Go to the library settings and click on Versioning Settings.
  2. Under Document Version History, select Yes for Require Check Out.
  3. Click OK to save the changes.

And here are more information about autosave in office apps: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/office/what-is-autosave-6d6bd723-ebfd-4e40-b5f6-ae6e8088f7a5?WT....


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@David Mehr  thanks!  From what I gather, it is recommended to not use this if multiple people will be accessing and working on these files. Does that sound logistically correct?  With the check out feature, only one person can open a file, and would have to close it out before another person accesses it, correct?  

thank you

This does not turn off auto-save... it just makes it way more confusing to access documents. What if I am creating a template in sharepoint that needs to be edited and then saved as a new document? how do I do that without over-writing the template every time?